Personal Money Management

Money management literacy tools to improve financial success and solidify your financial future. Credit Courses >

Save For The Future

Learn my top-5 principles to live debt free and fund your dreams: Pay for College, Start a Business, or Purchase a Home. Savings Plans >

Plan to Live a Little

Reward yourself after all of your hard work of getting your finances in order to pursue your passion. Goal Setting >



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Who We Are

BONA5D Credit Consultants, LLC provides real solutions toward financial capability education. Our  personal money management tools equip organizations, individuals and community members with the knowledge necessary to make key monetary improvements which help to develop healthier, more vibrant, stress-free lives. BONA5D’s personal money management sessions are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of financial risks as well as resources and practical application of improved  capability education.  About Us >

our customers say it best:
  • A polished financial literacy strategist…an expert at capturing and keeping her audience attention.”–Tonia

  • Pamala McCoy transforms the financial illiterate into budget superstars –Janet

  • Young and old are able to capture Pamala’s financial concepts…she’s just that good–Victor