Happy Sunday, I am reading your book,I love the nuggets inside….. beautiful and I am wearing my T-Shirt right now. I have your information and I will get with you when I get to that part of the planning. Keep representing our Daddy and help others walk in Financial Freedom!

Eleth S.

There were many excellent points of note in your book, one in particular was in reference to “ Change as being a Choice”.  So True, but in addition, and what many people particularly those in denial is the fact that change in itself is imminent and does not need our permission! Whether it’s with aging, health, prosperity, careers and unfortunately, death.  Change is imminent and those that embrace it to their benefit will find themselves best prepared and ahead of the some of the down sides of  change.

Michael S

You can post the following:  Pamala McCoy’s book “Bona5d Bits” is an inspirational book that will inspire you to want to get your finances in order so that you can acquire financial freedom by applying 5 principles.  She gives you the life application and the financial/credit application which tells you how to apply these principles to your life.  Get your copy of this book today and be inspired to secure a financial future for yourself and for your family.

Liz C.

I am always for education,,Your book is amazing , I love the points and direction to help people build confidence to become successful with their finances and their Faith with God. Thank you for inspiration.

Latrece S.

Girl I know I’ve  shared that I do not like to read. However, friend or not- your book kept me wanting to read (it’s a miracle). Very good. And page 32 middle section got me a little  teary eyed because my cousin just spoke those words last night(with a slight variation). Thank you for that book as it is a blessing. I’m so proud of you.

Tiffiann I.

Girl I’m loving it me and Howard are reading it to each other. LOL yes it’s a great for date night conversation and plans for the future.

Victoria V.

Her book is super easy to read and is relevant.

Clarence W.

I have just finished reading your book cover to cover. Once I started reading, I just could not put it down. You have done a great job of finding the right quotations, added excellent explanations, and drawn some powerful lessons to improve one’s financial health. Congratulations for putting together an excellent book.

With warmest regards,

Narinder M.

Girl….so far so good I love the quotes and how you incorporate the concept of finances and spirituality….it all come together to enlighted that with right mindset with GOD all things are possible!

Gayla S.

I just finished your book. Congratulations! It is very inspiring, positive & real. I truly enjoyed reading it.

Susan V.

I purchased your book during the Women Of Power weekend, and it has been such a blessing! I applaud you and your business/ministry – May He continue to bless you in exceeding, abundant measure!

Elaine M.


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